Experienced Ruby Backend Developers > Well-funded Mental Health Startup / GET.ON

Experienced Ruby Backend Developers > Well-funded Mental Health Startup / GET.ON

Hey folks!

This is Florian :) I am a Tech Evangelist and Software Engineer at GET.ON in Berlin. My pleasure to meet you!

We are a mental health startup, creating a brand new team in Berlin to build a highly scalable (micro-services from the start) and AI-based platform from scratch to help millions improve their mental health.

We're looking for Midlevel/Senior/Lead Frontend, Backend and Full-stack Engineers to build the core team and grow to ˜10 people in the next 12 months.

You can find all the details in our Tech FAQ:


Our technology choice so far:
- Ruby, NodeJS, JavaScript (ES6)
- React, React Native
- AWS, Kubernetes/Rancher, Gitlab
- PostgreSQL, MongoDB

We are going to build a micro-service architecture right from the start using NodeJS and Ruby, but are aiming to become fully agnostic.

It's a full-time and onsite position with a flexible home-office policy :) Although, people really like to be in our beautiful and central office.

We have a fantastic relocation and compensation package!

Our founders started over 12 years ago and are real pioneers in the digital mental health care space. Our digital interventions (15,000 patients treated so far) have proven to be at least as effective as traditional face-to-face therapy, which has been proven by over 30 of our randomised controlled trials. Our research was financed so far with over 8 Million in public funding.

Now, as the german health care system is making digital mental health treatment available to anyone, we are in the very unique position to deliver our solution to millions of patients.

I really like the energy and the leadership team, especially our VP of Engineering for being a really great person, mentor and skilled engineer - felt home from day 1.

Let me know if you like to get in touch and learn more about us and our mission :)



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