Full-Stack Ruby on Rails Developer - Small company, big opportunities / Localyze

Full-Stack Ruby on Rails Developer - Small company, big opportunities / Localyze

We're looking for software developers of all experience levels to join our Hamburg-based team. With Localyze, our goal is to help international employees to settle in as hassle free as possible. At our location in Hamburg, we develop innovative software that provides personalized information, ranging from visas and insurance to neighborhoods, transport options and sports activities. To best serve our users, you'll delve into new subject matter every day, and you'll always be on the lookout for innovative ways to approach our software projects. We're looking for curious, collaborative people who are eager to teach what they already know and who jump at an opportunity to dive into new territory.

Here's where you com in:

You'll join our international (mainly female) team in developing the leading platform for international mobility. Our software is currently written in Ruby, the Rails framework, HTML5, CSS and a heavy dose of JavaScript. We recently started to play around with python scripts and we are always open for new technologies. You might have a greater interest in some of these technologies than others, but we're looking for people who want to make a well-rounded, full-stack contribution to every part of the software.

Since work is a huge part of your life, we want it to be interesting (new technologies, subject matter, and challenge) and fun (team spirit). Localyze work hard, support each other, and walk away satisfied. We keep up with the latest technologies, tools, and tricks of the trade - we're always refining our approach, and everyone has a seat at the table.

Skills & requirements

  • Professional experience in Ruby web development, or if you're a student, some experience in a similar language. Bonus points if you've been using the Rails framework.

  • A good grasp of OO and design patterns that avoid redundancy and promote efficiency, legibility, testability, and mantainability of code.

  • A desire to collaborate and innovate with our internal teams (both technical and non-technical).

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