Ruby + Rails Entwickler / Railslove GmbH

Ruby + Rails Entwickler / Railslove GmbH
Railslove GmbH
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Railslove is a team of talented hackers and thinkers looking for passionate developers to help us build the next juicy apps for the web. When it comes to your skill set we are flexible and more interested in your ability to learn new tools than the ones you already know. We currently work on several Ruby on Rails applications for our clients and our own lovely projects. So if you love challenging projects, sharing your knowledge while learning from others, we?re sure you?ll have a blast working with us.

The Requirements:

Ruby, Rails, MySQL, Git, love for Open source and collaboration, HAML, SASS and any special passion bring you some bonus points

You think we need your skill and haven?t mentioned it here?
Let us know! We're aiming to do and built just _the_ awesome stuff, could you help?

Some things expect

  • an awesome working environment that promotes developer productivity and creativity in our Cologne based coworking space (home of cgnjs, rurug, and others)
  • being part of a lot of events we organize at our office - nodecamp, railscamps, devhousefriday
  • lots of BBQ nights
  • long hack nights and hackathons
  • ...and of course a kicker

Sounds interesting?!

check or send us the following to

  • CV with a blurb about yourself
  • A little bit about your technical background, including something brief about what you like and dislike about the technologies you?ve used
  • What have you built online that you?re proud of? We would like to hear more about open source contributions, weekend projects,..
  • Your accounts at: twitter, github, stackoverflow,...

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