Senior Ruby on Rails Developer (m/f) / OrganisedMinds GmbH

Senior Ruby on Rails Developer (m/f) / OrganisedMinds GmbH
OrganisedMinds GmbH

We are looking for a passionate and experienced senior ruby on rails developer to strengthen our relatively young team, to help reach our lofty goals.

Currently, we are well on the way to bringing our initial product offering (a process ecosystem) to market. Our product is aimed mainly at business users to help them organise the more administrative aspects of their daily lives.

You will code along with 4 other developers but you will also function as their rails coach/mentor and introduce them to concepts to develop elegant, scalable, robust and maintainable code.

Our focus is of course on getting our early offerings to market, but being a young, growing organisation (from 3-8 so far this year), you have the opportunity to be part of making this product a success and to write a little history.

The Company
OrganisedMinds is an 8-person-strong start-up in the technology region of Karlsruhe, south-west Germany. Our goal is not to become a huge outfit, but to create great software that helps people in their everyday lives and to remain an agile team so that we can respond to their needs.


  • Salary will depend on your skills and experience.
  • 25 days paid holidays in addition to official holidays

Required Skills

  • You need to know Ruby on Rails inside out !
  • At least 5 years proven experience in developing Web-based applications
  • Very good knowledge of agile development methodologies (Test and Behaviour Driven Development, Continuous Integration)
  • Very good knowledge of JavaScript Framework JQuery, HTML5 and CSS3
  • Very good knowledge of MySQL
  • Very good knowledge in dealing with distributed version control systems (git, bazaar)
  • Good knowledge of CouchDB and/or MongoDB
  • Knowledge of server administration with Apache and Nginx, monitoring and deployment with passenger and capistrano
  • Experience in dealing with message-oriented middleware (RabbitMQ)

We love Ruby and Rails (Ruby 1.9 and Rails 3). We have delayed_job, carrierwave, cancan and devise in our gemfile and are powered by Linux, Apache, Passenger, and capistrano. We have a passion for computer science and we know that O(n*n) is the worst case.

Personal skills

  • You are willing to give your best and to improve your skills and get outside of your comfort zone to benefit the team and the product.
  • You enjoy solving challenging problems and sharing your knowledge with your colleagues.
  • You can take ownership of a component from idea to production, with minimal guidance and supervision.
  • You like the fact that we hold regular weekly retrospectives to improve our development process and to better plan/estimate the work ahead of us.

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