Rails developers / Xing AG

Rails developers / Xing AG
Xing AG

Hi everyone

We are starting a new team in Barcelona and are looking for 3 ruby developers and a frontend developer to join a new exiting project based here in Barcelona. We offer a great work environment that is very international consisting of people from the UK, Poland, Spain, Venezuela, Romania, Germany and Norway. We also offer competitive salary packages and benefits.

You'll get the opportunity to work on a 10+ million user platform that is financially stable and growing. We host the ruby user group of Barcelona and now also the node.js user group. The work environment is laid back and easygoing. There is lot's of room to grow professionally and personally while taking in the high quality of living in Barcelona. Work on you code and your tan :).

So drop me an email if you are interested at christian.kvalheim@xing.com


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