RoR freelancer 20hrs/week for 3-4 month / neckattack

RoR freelancer 20hrs/week for 3-4 month / neckattack
Barcelona, Spain

we are searching somebody with experience in Ruby on Rails.

We are running a poject on heroku and we are managing our tasks in Pivotal tracker. The code we upload is at github.

You will work together with Markus our Project Manager who will brief you and accept your code.

The job is for the next 3-4 month, 20 hours a week.

In order to get to know each other and to see your technical skills, we do have a little question for you. Imagine the following:

We allready have a running RoR application and are now about to internationalize it. As we are continously developing our product, we need the ability to add new languages and to add new entries to existing translations. And we need a way of managing it through our backend (e.g.: Country Manager is changing or adding new translations).

What are your suggestions? How should we approach this?

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