Rails Developer / ScaleUp Technologies

Rails Developer / ScaleUp Technologies
ScaleUp Technologies
E-Mail an hello@scaleup.it

ScaleUp Technologies is a cloud computing provider offering ultra-flexible public cloud, private cloud & hybrid cloud infrastructures for growth companies. We are based in Germany ? focusing on the needs of European customers ? and offer global infrastructure scaling through our ?federated global cloud? network.
ScaleUp is developing exciting technology to power our vision of a global cloud computing solution. Our small but growing team is made up of experienced professionals with complementary skills ? we know how to build great technology & a great company. We practice Agile Development, Customer Development & LeanStartup methodologies. We live on Macbooks. And we offer a way for key employees to share in the rewards of our combined success. Interested in hearing more?

Rails Developer

Position essentials:
- Comfortable in an agile, lean startup environment.
- 2+ years of Ruby on Rails development experience; able to work anywhere in the rails stack ? frontend, backend.
- You?ve done something else besides Rails that gives you some perspective, e.g. java, C/C++, python, or volunteering in Africa.
- A solid understanding of the whole web stack: firewall, load balancer, nginx/apache, memcache, mysql, etc. This is not an admin role, but practical experience with these issues is important.
- English language fluency, spoken and written.

And if you have significant experience with scaling, clouds, or nosql technologies, we want to hear about it.

Please send CV & cover letter to hello@scaleup.it ? we?re waiting to hear from you!

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