Lead Rails Dev w/ Interest in Global Freight Forwarding / ViaEurope B.V.

Lead Rails Dev w/ Interest in Global Freight Forwarding / ViaEurope B.V.
ViaEurope B.V.
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ViaEurope is a profitable global freight forwarding startup in year three. We help to ship thousands parcels per day from overseas to the EU, integrating with airlines, airport ground personnel, customs and couriers. In 2017, we will scale to 10,000+ parcels per day. For that we're currently building an automated freight hub (think conveyor belts + APIs). Come and join our Berlin-based tech team to work on our Ruby on Rails app.

What do we offer?

  • We strive for zero bullshit every day. We are an efficient, lean, mean, parcel-delivery machine. We want to keep it that way.
  • No investor – stakeholder – client bullshit. No dreamy hacker shop either. We find efficient and pragmatic ways to do our work every day and have a friendly work culture.
  • We want someone passionate about their work, we are looking for people who want to get things shipped without going insane over arbitrary deadlines. We all have time outside of work to enjoy life’s other pleasures.
  • We usually work out of Berlin, and are happy to provide space for you. Remote is cool, but we’d like to meet every other week.
  • Opportunity to take on a lead dev role as the tech founders are slowly transitioning to process and product management

So, if you...

  • are a senior RoR developer (5+ years experience) and not a HR agency
  • speak great English (German big plus)
  • live in Berlin and are allowed to work here
  • are willing to work on payroll (no freelancers sorry)
  • don’t like corporate BS, e.g. excessive meetings
  • can get things on the road quickly
  • are interested in the world of logistics

...then for the love of god, send us a note, telling us why you’re interested in this position and we will call you back. Then we can talk about you, about us, our stack, and any questions you might have.

How to apply

Shoot us a short mail and we'll get in touch. You can find our mail address here: curl https://viaeurope-hiring.herokuapp.com/ -H 'Authorization: SECRET' SECRET being railsjobs but base64-encoded … hope that keeps the HR guys busy for a while :)

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