CTO (f/m) / Bonaverde

CTO (f/m) / Bonaverde

We’re on a mission to create a direct-trade marketplace for both coffee and coffee machines, connecting consumers and producers through a fair, transparent ecosystem. Our vision is a world where coffee farmers - all 25 million of them - are independent business owners empowered to sell their own product for a fair price. We’re creating change in two different industries, coffee and technology. We’re a passionate team united by our commitment to shaking the foundations of coffee-as-we-know-it, disrupting a industry in order to create a better world. This isn’t just a job for us, it’s a mission, and we put our hearts into all that we do. We work hard (just as we play hard.) This is Berlin, after all. We encourage creative risk-taking. Put your stamp on it - it’s yours! Hit the ground running by owning your projects from the start. Perfect your skills in a fast-paced, highperformance environment. We are dead serious about what we do - but we know that doesn’t mean we have to take ourselves too seriously.

Your projects

  • Provide technical guidance to software agencies
  • Develop the Bonaverde online product
  • Build landing pages
  • Manage the Bonaverde databases
  • Manage Bonaverde online tools, including CRM tools, password tools, and file storage tools
  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • gAnalytics-owner

Your skill set

  • Experienced with the common programming languages (especially Ruby on Rails)
  • Experience with website and app design implementation
  • 10+ years of professional experience in your field
  • Experience with client/agency communications
  • Project management
  • Experience with optimizely/unbounce/ Analytics
  • Experience with Conversational Commerce
  • Experience with databases and chatbots


  • Good time estimation
  • Creative design thinking
  • Result-oriented work

How we work

Create: We are alll for creative-risk taking. Put your stamp on it – it is yours! Grow: Hit the ground running by owning your projects from start, and perfect your skills in a fast-paced high performance environment Enjoy: We are dead serioius about what we do, but don’t take ourselves too seriously for that matter.

Competitive salary

Start date: August 2017 (latest)

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