Ruby / Clojure (Script) Developer (m/f) for BillFront / BillFront - FinLeap

Ruby / Clojure (Script) Developer (m/f) for BillFront / BillFront - FinLeap
BillFront - FinLeap
Apply online with your one-page CV along with your GitHub/Bitbucket etc. account or some other code samples

BillFront is a fast growing alternative online lending platform that offers financing solutions to digital media companies. By providing faster access to revenues, BillFront is enabling its customers’ growth potential. The company is headquartered in London, with an office in Berlin. The BillFront team is led by finance veteran Greg Dimitriou and AdTech expert Chris Vogt. Read more about BillFront on their website.

As BillFront's developer, you'll be working mainly on workflows aggregating and reconciling financial data from sources like app stores and ad networks, and scheduling money transfers using various payment providers.

To achieve this, we put emphasis on building small, reusable and loosely coupled components. We work in a lightweight kanban and believe in agile with a lower-case "a", encouraging pair-programming, limiting work in progress and keeping the feedback loop as short as possible.

Our current codebase consists of a main Rails app (well specced, ~10 models) with some ClojureScript/Reagent components, and a small fleet of supporting microservices (mostly Clojure). The infrastructure, relying heavily on Docker and AWS, is clean and well-maintained.

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