Ruby on Rails Site Reliability Engineer / Performance Engineer / Scout

Ruby on Rails Site Reliability Engineer / Performance Engineer / Scout

Have you been more in the systems world and know how to operate a production-grade Rails app, but looking to get more involved in code? Or perhaps a Ruby on Rails engineer that has gravitated toward a love of database optimizations, performance, and minimizing Sidekiq queue backups?

We're looking for an engineer with a passion for elegantly scaling a high-traffic Rails stack. Beyond that, we're going to position you for the most impactful work of your career: your work will not only improve the reliability of our own apps, but will end up as Scout product enhancements and open-source tools your developer friends will love.

To be successful, you should have solid knowledge in the following areas:

  • Scaling high-traffic Ruby on Rails apps (including Sidekiq, DelayedJob, etc)
  • Scaling database systems (MySQL or Postgres)
  • Performing triage on production systems
  • Being a part of an on-call rotation and working to eliminate incidents
  • Ability to identify failure scenarios in complex systems

About our team:

  • We're a small, close-knit, engineering-minded team
  • We have a shared appreciation for well-crafted solutions. We believe that's best done not with long hours, but with above-average team work and communication.
  • We deploy multiple times per-day, valuing small iterative improvements.
  • We're big fans of Jiro Dreams of Sushi in terms of what we're building at Scout.

Technologies you'll learn @ Scout:

  • Apache Kafka
  • GoLang
  • InfluxDB
  • Elixir (maybe?)

What are we working on @ Scout?

This is the crazy thing we see today: when something goes wrong - say a slow SQL query, a bottleneck in parsing some JSON, etc - your monitoring system cannot tell you who actually wrote it and knows how to fix it. You have to hope there's a backtrace, then pop open Git, then run blame, then ping that person in Slack.

Five years from now, we'll laugh about how you couldn't do that.

That's we want to fix: the hardest, most frustrating performance issues and bugs today are in the custom code we write. It's only getting more complex. These aren't just hard technical problems, but issues like this create hard cultural issues on teams.

Why should you join Scout?

We're not your typical startup: we believe in growth from revenue (not VC funding), authenticity, and remaining an engineering-minded company. We value smart decisions and team work over long work hours. Beyond those cultural values, your work in improving the reliability of Scout will go back into product features. It's an incredible feeling reducing the stress of performance issues for your fellow developers.

How To Apply

Send a personal note to Our HQ is in Fort Collins, CO, but we fully support remote work from anywhere.

We're specifically looking for a European candidate to broaden our stability coverage as we grow.

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