Senior Ruby on Rails Developer (m/f) / Sensorberg GmbH

Senior Ruby on Rails Developer (m/f) / Sensorberg GmbH
Sensorberg GmbH

Lead the agile development of our rails based platform. Test and deploy with zero downtime, we want to move fast and we´re looking for a lean Rails developer to lead the path.

Our platform manages beacons/application and business rules of our customers. The exiting challenge lies in the constant flow of incoming statistics data and the need to process it further so we can build awesome statistics frontends and enable innovative new business rules. Showing a notification on your phone when you pass a beacon is just the beginning! You will work in a team with highly skilled frontend developers, working on a hybrid rails/JS platform. Combining the advantages of those technologies.We have an awesome stack of automations running in our Jenkins CI server and expect the rails backend to integrate with the other projects as well.

Must have:

  • Senior Level, multiple projects experience
  • > 3 years of experience with web based products
  • Rails deployment, zero downtime deployment, database migration (Capistrano or similar)
  • Generated/automated documentation of APIs and the deployment (Swagger, Apiary or similar)
  • Postgres/MySQL
  • DevOps expertise, server orchestration (puppet, chef or similar)
  • NoSQL experience
  • Different methods of authentication (Oauth, JWT o.A.)
  • Backend cluster experience, deploying to multiple servers, autoscaling...
  • Integration with Jenkins CI server -> Test Driven Development
  • Leadership experienced with responsibilities over multiple teams (Frontend, Backend, QA, DevOps…)
  • Microservice architecture
  • solid English communication skills
  • technical supervision of QA processes
  • Agile Development leadership skills

Nice to have:

  • > 5+ years of experience
  • Project experience with Rails projects integrated with advanced frontend - Javascript libraries (no JQuery, D3.js, react.js…)
  • Experience with ElasticSearch
  • Experience with AngularJS and react.js based web frontends
  • REST
  • JSON Api (
  • Versioned APIs
  • Solid German communication skills
  • Microsoft Azure VM and infrastructure provisioning
  • MSSQL (Microsoft SQL Server)

Really nice to have:

  • Experience with Azure services
  • EventHub
  • ServiceBus
  • Storage
  • Stream analytics.

We provide a green field for you to code and get things done. There is no legacy to worry about, this rails project is just getting started!If necessary, we´ll use our excellent contacts to startups with rails based solution to make sure that we can tackle any problem.

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