CTO // Fast growing startup / HelloCoach

CTO // Fast growing startup / HelloCoach
Email: leo@hellocoach.de

In a nutshell  

We are a fast growing startup.

We use tech to make the life of sport teams easier.

We want you to take a leading position in our startup.

We offer you an equity stake in our company.


A little more detailed


We are a startup from Berlin shaking up the world of recreational sport teams. We just closed our beta testing with more than 15’000 users. Now, we are in launch mode, so everyone in our team is freakin’ excited!  

What exactly do we do?

We are the one digital hub for recreational sport teams. You can imagine us being like a fancy mix of FIFA and football manager but for sport teams in real life. We help coaches and players to organize matches, track statistics and communicate easily with parents, fans and everyone in their community.  

What will you do?

 We want you to be our CTO. You will get a lot of responsibility and freedom from day one. Your work will be a thrilling mix of strategic thinking, creative brainstorming, and developing an awesome product. On the one side we want you to lead our dev team. That means you will plan, execute and control our technological development. You will get the end-to-end responsibility for the tech part of our company. On the other side we expect you to challenge and shape our company strategy. We want you to think about how we can become a better company and execute ideas together with the founders. Pretty exciting, huh?!  

What skills should you bring along? 

You should be an expert in web and mobile technologies. You should have a comprehensive understanding of mobile app architecture, all the way from backend systems to frontend frameworks. On top, you should bring along a great level of curiosity for data analytics and machine learning.  

We are using top notch technologies which you should have at least a basic understanding about and be willing to become an expert in:

¥ Back-end: Rails, Postgres, Docker

¥ Front-end: Ionic/AngularJS, Pug (ex-Jade), Sass, CoffeeScript


What do we offer?

We offer you a 50k fixed annual salary with a 10% annual increase. You will receive a 5% equity stake in our firm without taking economic risks. And you will have the possibility to hire and lead your own team of rock-star engineers.  

On top we offer all the startups perks which makes working simply awesome: free choice of hardware, flexible working hours, ping-pong and foosball table in the office, free coffee and tea and fruits as much as you want.  

We are up to something great. Tech in sports is a huge trend and we are one of the pioneers. If you get as excited about this as we do, please reach out to us ;)

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