Ruby on Rails Developer / Liefery

Ruby on Rails Developer / Liefery

Want to help create a delivery experience that you'd actually want to use? Liefery is looking for a full time Ruby on Rails developer in Berlin.

About Us

Liefery is a fast growing logistics startup. We are building an online marketplace for shops and couriers that enables the next generation of fast and customer friendly delivery experiences. Liefery is providing customized delivery features like same-day-delivery or delivery in selectable time-window to some of the biggest online shops.

About the Job

You will be working in a team of experienced Rails developers with a high degree of self-organization. You will spend a large part of your time working on the Rails stack of our platform but you can sometimes also venture out into Javascript or Elixir / Phoenix territory.

Apart from typical web-development tasks you also get the chance to work on more theoretical computer science topics like the efficient routing of vehicles or other algorithmic problems.

What we are Looking for

  • an experienced software developer
  • prior experience working with large Rails apps
  • a solid understanding of relational databases
  • someone who loves test driven development and clean code
  • someone who understands that communication is one of the most important skills for a developer

What Would be Nice but not Necessary

  • experience with Elixir / Phoenix
  • experience developing single-page Javascript apps
  • you enjoy playing with algorithms and data structures f* luency in both German and English

The Perks we Give you

  • The opportunity to help build a service that you and your friends will actually use
  • A developer friendly work environment
  • A low-BS development process
  • A friendly and experienced team that loves to both learn and share knowledge

Apply at or by contacting

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