Ruby on Rails Senior / Employed or Freelance / devolute

Ruby on Rails Senior / Employed or Freelance / devolute
Kreuzberg, Berlin

Your work environment

Devolute is a software agency, that builds web based or mobile applications for startups as well as business software. We focus on sustainable development, which means that we develop in a way that works, rather than accepting pressure and unrealistic deadlines.

We are using a mix of remote work and office work and generelly believe in the strength of the team.

Your job

As a experienced developer you will be responsible as project lead for individual clients as well as supporting the team in architectural decisions and improvements of our stack. In daily work you will make sure, that your team has well specified tasks and that our work is reviewed and functional

Your experience

You have at least 3 years of experience in professional Ruby on Rails and Frontend Development, having developed a deep knowledge in the common workflows, tools and libraries.

In that time you must have worked in more than one team and ideally in an agency or forr several clients as a freelancer.

Your experience includes project management, client communication, team leading, making architectural decisions and doing code reviews.

Therefore you are known as a calm person that can play well with others and you are used to communicate the technical situation of a project to clients and projects managers and their needs back to the development team.

You speak english very well and you should speak german.

Your application

Please include a list of libraries, languages and technologies with a personal rating of your experience as well as your individual wishes.

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