Ruby on Rails Entwickler gesucht! / Talent International

Ruby on Rails Entwickler gesucht! / Talent International
Talent International

We have so many Ruby on Rails positions to offer to you, that YOU can choose in which industry you want to work in.

Help people to improve their language skills or help them to get things they love. Work for a company focused on managing and administrating broadcast rights or create web applications for customers.

For these Ruby on Rails developer positions you should have:

  • You have a great team spirit with entrepreneurial drive and very good communication skills
  • You have proven experience working as a professional Ruby on Rails developer
  • You have experience developing and consuming RESTful API’s
  • You are used to working with relational databases (particularly MySQL)
  • You have good knowledge of modern client-side technologies (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript)

If you are interested in a new Ruby on Rails developer position, please get in touch with me for a completely confidential conversation about your career and future, if not appropriate now then we can make a calendar appointment for when you would like to discuss this.

We also have 8 available jobs for Medium-level, Senior, Lead and CTO levels in Berlin and I am happy to share full job descriptions, salaries and company information with you straight away.

If you know someone who is looking for a new, challenging Ruby on Rails developer position in Berlin, just let me know. We will reward you 500€ for every joined friend!

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