Co-Founder / Lead Rail Developer /

Co-Founder / Lead Rail Developer /

Hello Community,

we are looking for a talented rails developer with love for music, to join our startup as a side project.

With we are building a network for artists that allows artists to connect and release their music digitally via us. We are live since January 2015 with our beta and constantly enhance our service.

Soundfluence has been created as a side project next to our day-to-day jobs and we finance everything ourselves. Therefore we are looking for a developer that shares the same passion for music as we do and who is willing to work on this on his spare time, just as we do. So this is not a full time position but an early bird ticket to join our team. runs on a rails backend and an angular.js frontend and has a very app-like look and feel. If you are interested please drop me a mail to colin @ and I will be happy to send you a log in to our beta as well as more information about our future plans.

I look forward to hear from you!


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