Senior Developer, Ruby and other languages /

Senior Developer, Ruby and other languages /

LShift is a hi-tech software development company

Who are we?

  • We have several founding principles that we believe differentiate us from many other companies:we are technology agnostic--we do not specialise in any particular language or platform, nor do we resell any product, giving us the objectivity and experience to make the best choice for each specific project
  • our Lead Developer model focuses project leadership on the developer - there is no interpretive layer sitting between client and developer. Our developers work directly with users and business stakeholders to deliver the most appropriate and relevant solution
  • we are properly agile - agile is not a badge we wear, we designed the company to deliver successful, collaborative, adaptable, efficient projects
  • we use a wide variety of languages and technologies. We have built projects that are deployed on Unix, Windows, Android & iOS, have used Ruby, C#, Java, Python, JavaScript, Scala, F#, Clojure, Scheme and Erlang in commercial projects, and have actively investigated the possibilities of Haskell, OCaml and Prolog.

Who are you?
All candidates for the Senior Developer role must:

  • have good knowledge of algorithms, data structures, computational complexity
  • have used languages from different programming paradigms, ideally OO and functional, but declarative is interesting to us as well
  • be well-versed in at least three programming languages. Markup languages such as XML and HTML, and query languages such as SQL do not count towards this total. PHP and JavaScript only count if the candidate is expert in them
  • demonstrate enthusiasm for technology, and software development in particular
  • have good written and spoken English.

    Good candidates will also have:
    • experience across all stages in the project life-cycle
    • experience of agile methodologies
    • familiarity with, and knowledge of how and when to apply a wide range of technologies
    • good Unix and Windows skills

    We're looking for people for an immediate start (or as soon as you can). The plan is for the Berlin operation to be a first class citizen of the LShift universe, but there is more than enough work coming from London for us to get stuck into. Salary depending on experience, but competitive.

    If you’re interested in working with us please get in touch! You can find out more about us at and you can contact John Newby on +49 162 724 2763 or by email at 

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