Ruby on Rails junior or internship /

Ruby on Rails junior or internship /
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brandnooz brings new brands and products to the people and is known in all of Germany for its subscription commerce service, the beloved brandnooz box.

We are currently expanding across industry / national borders and searching for web developers with the following experience (juniors and interns are welcome)

  • Ruby on Rails or a similar MVC framework (e.g. Symfony, CakePHP, Django)
  • Object oriented programming (with Java, C++ or alike) or good skills in a scripting language (like Ruby, PHP, Python, ..)
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript / Ajax (jQuery)
  • Relational databases such as mySQL or PostgreSQL

If you want to improve your skills in any of the areas above, while playing on your strengths in another, you're most welcome.

Please also apply, if you want to kick-start your career with an internship in our development team.

Besides the most exciting technologies we offer an unlimited supply of new food products and a super-friendly team with no worries whatsoever!

Taste the news at brandnooz and write to!

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